Shine from head to toe

At Stress-Away Bodycare we offer a wide variety of services for all your bodycare and relaxation needs.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the Best known type of bodywork performed today. It consists of specific massage movements & techniques, using Firm, yet Gentle strokes. The primary goal is to Relax the Entire body. Improving Circulation & flexability while easing Tension. Massage decreases cortisol while increasing serotonin, which leaves you in a Good Feeling of Bliss taking Your Stress away…


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage starts with Swedish massage movements & techniques to identify tight spots, knots. Once identified deep pressure is applied to the area, deeper layers of muscle & fascia ( the connective tissue surrounding muscles) to release Tension in the muscles. It is a more focused type of massage to release chronic muscle tension, knots. You will feel so much Better after this treatment and Ready to carry on with Your day!



Reflexology is a specialized treatment for the feet that can encourage the release of Tension & Stress. Application of pressure to specific points on the feet helps to Relax the body. Relax & Enjoy, You will Feel so much Better after this treatment.



We do it All from Head to Toe, using Alaska (Canadian made) Soft wax & Cirepil (made in France) Hard wax……..Soothing Mint & Aloe after Wax Lotion to Compliment Your treatment


Alaria Body Wrap

Alaria Body Wrap is a Seaweed therapeutic treatment to help Relax & Hydrate the body. Before application of the Alaria Body Wrap, exfoliation of the skin is performed to enhance the benefits of the treatment. Alaria Body Wrap has many benefits such as: helps with arthritis & joint pain, reduces the sight of cellulite, dehydrates while helping the body to re-mineralize and tone the skin.


Reiki - 2nd Level Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is Universal Life Energy. Reiki helps to create Balance, Harmony & Well-being. Non-invasive light hand touch is used that transfers a flow of energy to the body.You will feel Relaxed, yet Energized.